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Smart Currencies Cryptomining

BITOFFER LIMITED was created to develop successful trends in cryptocurrency trading and hardware mining. Doing business on cryptocurrency market places, we generate high profit for the investors.


Along with the Affiliate program, the program of Regional Representatives from the BITOFFER LIMITED company allows affiliate remuneration for members of the investment program from one level of the affiliate structure. However, unlike the Affiliate program, the Regional Representatives Program offers an affiliate remuneration of 7% from the sum that your referral is depositing into the program.

Just like the Affiliate program, to receive affiliate remuneration according to the Regional Representatives Program, you do not need to have a deposit of your own in our investment program. Nevertheless, to have an opportunity of receiving affiliate remuneration according to the Regional Representatives Program, you need to fulfill the following conditions:
Send information about yourself to repr@bitoffer.io; specify your valid contact data in the request for receiving Regional Representative status of BITOFFER LIMITED. In particular: Login, language, phone (if any), Skype, facebook, mail.
Once all the information you have specified in the request is confirmed, you will be able to receive higher affiliate remuneration for the deposits made by the referrals you have invited personally.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult about this process.

Your active earning only depends on your desire. Activity and diligence can improve your financial status significantly even if you work in the company without having a deposit of your own. We, in our turn, will provide you with all reasonable support and help in achieving a new level of wealth!


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