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Smart Currencies Cryptomining

BITOFFER LIMITED was created to develop successful trends in cryptocurrency trading and hardware mining. Doing business on cryptocurrency market places, we generate high profit for the investors.

Investment offers

Our investment program will undoubtedly become one of the most successful projects in online investments. Our company made every effort so that our investment offers meet the demands of modern investors and at the same time preserve the stable functioning of the whole investment program in the long term.

Stability, security, and high profit. These are the main advantages of our investment offers.

All the deposit plans listed below have unlimited period of functioning, accrual of interest occurs every day, including weekends and bank holidays.

Investment offers:

The stability and reliability of cooperation are ensured by the investment offers of our company that are designed with mathematical precision and guarantee high profit for the investors in any situation.
  • «BitOffer 1»
  • «BitOffer 2»
  • «BitOffer 3»
  • Hourly profit:0.000015
  • Daily profit:0.00036
* (Returns the main deposit within 24 hours with 5% commission).
  • «BitOffer 1»

      • Daily profit: 3.60%
      • Hourly profit: 0.15%
      • Min. deposit: 0.001 BTC
      • Max. deposit: 5 BTC
  • «BitOffer 2»

      • Daily profit: 4.32%
      • Hourly profit: 0.18%
      • Min. deposit: 5.001 BTC
      • Max. deposit: 50 BTC
  • «BitOffer 3»

      • Daily profit: 4.80%
      • Hourly profit: 0.20%
      • Min. deposit: 50.001 BTC
      • Max. deposit: Unlimited

As you can see from the investment offers, accruals of interest for any deposit solution you choose are performed every hour. Consequently, our investment solutions feature unique dynamics and every client of our company manages his financial trades himself.

A deposit is available for pre-scheduled withdrawal 24 hours after it was actually activated in the system.

The system commission for withdrawing a deposit sum is 5% of the deposit sum that is being withdrawn.

This commission is only applied to the sum of the deposit. All the interest accruals and affiliate remunerations are withdrawn without any commission from the company.

Term of withdrawing assets to the investors’ wallets: immediate.