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BITOFFER LIMITED was created to develop successful trends in cryptocurrency trading and hardware mining. Doing business on cryptocurrency market places, we generate high profit for the investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Company

Where can I find information about your company?

To find out detailed information about BITOFFER LIMITED, you can visit the About Us and Support sections, and also read the information on the home page of our website.

What’s the area of expertise of BITOFFER LIMITED?

BITOFFER LIMITED is a British company whose registered activity is fully, strategically and legally set in the area of hardware mining and trading of cryptocurrencies.

What is hardware mining?

The essence of hardware mining is the following: miners located all over the world solve certain mathematical problems, as a result of which Bitcoins are created. The process of mining Bitcoins is not controlled by single issuing centre, and the distribution of the transactions ensures absolute security.
All the Bitcoin transfers are recorded into a public chain of transactions. In this chain they are passed to the miners (ASIC-systems that work under the control of special software and use certain mathematic algorithms), whose job is to pick from millions of combinations a single hash that is suitable to all new transactions and a secret key that will ensure the miner the reward of 25 Bitcoins at a time. Once the task is solved, the process starts again with another chain.

How does the company make a profit for the investors?

We buy new miners and mine Bitcoins. Then we perform trading transactions with this cryptocurrency at cryptocurrency exchange markets. This is why we make trading deals only if the conditions are fully propitious. We earn money and make the risk of a drawdown minimal.

Where are your miners located?

Since the company makes use of the most innovative ASIC system, the price of the electricity nowadays becomes a secondary issue. This is why our business and the physical location of the miners are not bound to some certain regions in the world where electricity is cheaper. We allocate our miners in places where it is possible to use the most reliable and high-speed data lines that transfer 1 bit of data at minimal cost. China, Norway, and some other countries fit this requirement.

Investment issues, withdrawals, personal account

Which payment systems can be used in the program?


What should I do if I do not have a Bitcoin wallet but I would like to take part in the investment program?

You can find information on creating a Bitcoin wallet or exchanging any currency to BTC in the Get Started section.

How can I start investing?

To avoid disappointing accidents, read the Get Started section of our website as well as other ones.

I have registered a personal account. What should I do next?

Just make a deposit into the program using the instructions in your personal account and begin earning stable profit from our investment offers.

Can I make several deposits?


Can I create several personal accounts?


What profitability does the company offer?

To find out more about the profitability of our investment offers, please go to the Investments section.

I have read the Investments section carefully and I have a question. Can I make deposits to all the investment plans simultaneously?


What is the minimal investment I can make into the company program?

The minimal investment sum for our program is 0.001 BTC.

How soon will I be able to receive profit from the invested assets?

You will be able to withdraw the first profit after one hour after your deposit was activated.

What is the validity period of my investment plan?

All the company investment offers have an unlimited validity period.

Is it possible to withdraw the sum of the deposit from the program?

Yes. You can withdraw your deposit to your wallet 24 hours after it was activated. The system will hold back 5% of the sum of the deposit. When you withdraw the sum of the deposit from the program, you receive the sum that is 5% less than the one you invested into the program.

Are there any commissions other than the commission for withdrawing the sum of the deposit from the program?


How long will it take my deposit to get activated?

We need to receive SPECIFY THE AMMOUNT confirmations from Bitcoin stating that the transaction has been successfully performed to activate your deposit. As soon as we receive the confirmations, your deposit becomes active and starts bringing you stable income.

My deposit is active. On what days will it earn a profit for me?

Interest accruals on all the company investment offers are performed every day including weekends.

What is the minimal withdrawal sum?

Minimal withdrawal sum is 0.0001BTC.

How much money can I withdraw at one time?

There is no limit.

How long will it take for the money to reach my wallet after I created a withdrawal request?

All the withdrawal requests are processed immediately.

Affiliate Program, Representatives

How much can I earn for the deposit made into the program by the referral I invited?

You receive an award of 5% for the deposit made by every program member you invited personally if you are an ordinary user of the system. You receive 7% if you are a Regional Representative of the BITOFFER LIMITED company.

How do I become a Regional Representative of BITOFFER LIMITED?

To find out more about the conditions of becoming a Regional Representative of our company and about our Affiliate program, read the Representatives and Affiliate sections.

How do I invite new members into the program?

To invite new members into our investment program, use your unique referral link which you can find in the corresponding section of your personal account. Aside from that, you can use advertising materials by publishing banners with your referral link on suitable Internet pages. You can also find banners in your personal account in the Referral Links section.

How do I check who my inviter is and make sure that I registered a personal account using the referral link of the sponsor I need?

To check who your upline is, go to your personal account. You will find the information about the person who invited you into our program in the corresponding section.

Do I need to have my own deposit in the program to be able to receive affiliate remuneration?

If you intend to use the conditions of the Affiliate program as an ordinary user, according to which the affiliate remuneration will comprise 5% of any deposit sum made by the partners you invited personally, it is not required that you have a deposit of your own in our investment program. If you would like to receive 7% of any deposit sum made by the partners you invited personally, you will need to fulfill several conditions, about which you can read in the Representatives section.

Technical Issues, Support

What is the title of the website section where I can contact for help?

To receive professional help in dealing with any investment issue, go to the Support section.

What are the working hours of the Support team?

Our Customer Support works 24/7.

How to contact the company to solve customers’ questions rapidly and conveniently?

You can use the feedback form, call us, or contact online Support.

How do I restore the password to get access to my personal account?

Use this link to restore your password: https://bitoffer.io/?a=forgot_password

How do I change a Bitcoin wallet in the personal account?

You can make changes in your payment data at any time. Go to Edit Account in your personal account and make the necessary changes to your payment data.

Can I change the e-mail address I used when registering a personal account?

Yes. You can make changes in your contact data at any time. Go to Edit Account in your personal account and make the necessary changes to your contact data.

How is my contact data protected?

According to our company’s development strategy, the official website is equipped with a data encryption system of the latest generation from the Geotrust company. Aside from that, all the website databases and the website itself are located on a powerful dedicated server from the DDOS GUARD company which is capable of effectively and rapidly preventing any attempts of introducing malware into the program and resisting all types of DDoS attacks.