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Smart Currencies Cryptomining

BITOFFER LIMITED was created to develop successful trends in cryptocurrency trading and hardware mining. Doing business on cryptocurrency market places, we generate high profit for the investors.

Affiliate program

The affiliate program of BITOFFER LIMITED allows affiliate remuneration for ordinary members of the investment program from one level of the affiliate structure.
You can receive affiliate remuneration of 5% of the deposit made into the program only by the partners you invited personally.

Nevertheless, it is easy to join the Affiliate program as an ordinary user.

You do not need to have a deposit of your own in our investment program to be able to use our company’s affiliate remuneration offer.

It is enough to just register a personal account to receive your unique referral link, after which you can immediately start inviting new members into our program using your referral link.
Every new member creating a personal account in the program after following your referral link will be forever assigned to you as a referral. Every time this referral makes a deposit into the investment program of our company, you will be receiving an affiliate remuneration of 5% from the sum that your referral invested.
You can also increase the amount of your active additional income by using the second level of our Affiliate program. Check the Representatives section to learn more.