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Smart Currencies Cryptomining

BITOFFER LIMITED was created to develop successful trends in cryptocurrency trading and hardware mining. Doing business on cryptocurrency market places, we generate high profit for the investors.

Mining Strategy as the foundation of successful online investments

The BITOFFER LIMITED company successfully performs hardware mining of the main cryptocurrencies, which strengthens our positions on the cryptocurrency trading market, since it allows us to manage financial currents and, if necessary, to intervene cryptocurrency assets to stabilize the whole process.

Why BitOffer?

  • Reliable British investment company.
  • High efficiency in managing processes.
  • Stability and security of investing money.

How does BitOffer work?

The company obtains sufficient hardware mining capabilities and a team of professional programmers to achieve great results in cryptomining and bring stable high profit to everyone.
  • Number of virtual machines:


  • Megaheshes per second:

    225+ Mhash/s

Investment offers:

The stability and reliability of cooperation are ensured by the investment offers of our company that are designed with mathematical precision and guarantee high profit for the investors in any situation.
  • «BitOffer 1»
  • «BitOffer 2»
  • «BitOffer 3»
  • Hourly profit:0.000015
  • Daily profit:0.00036
*(Returns the main deposit within 24 hours with 5% commission).
  • «BitOffer 1»

      • Daily profit: 3.60%
      • Hourly profit: 0.15%
      • Min. deposit: 0.001 BTC
      • Max. deposit: 5 BTC
  • «BitOffer 2»

      • Daily profit: 4.32%
      • Hourly profit: 0.18%
      • Min. deposit: 5.001 BTC
      • Max. deposit: 50 BTC
  • «BitOffer 3»

      • Daily profit: 4.80%
      • Hourly profit: 0.20%
      • Min. deposit: 50.001 BTC
      • Max. deposit: Unlimited

Referral program

Start earning actively. This unique opportunity is available to all the program users!
Every new member creating a personal account in the program after following your referral link will be forever assigned to you as a referral. Every time this referral makes a deposit into the investment program of our company, you will be receiving an affiliate remuneration of 5% from the sum that your referral invested.
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Fully achieve your career opportunities in the company by becoming its Representative!
Regional Representatives Program offers an affiliate remuneration of 7% from the sum that your referral is depositing into the program.
Just like the Affiliate program, to receive affiliate remuneration according to the Regional Representatives Program, you do not need to have a deposit of your own in our investment program
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  • Organization: BITOFFER LIMITED
  • Street: 4 Park Cross Street
  • City: Leeds
  • State/Province: West Yorkshire
  • Postal Code: LS1 2QH
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Phone: +441138681093
  • Email: info@bitoffer.io
  • Company number 10587309

Discover new opportunities

BitOffer is all about investments and innovations, making best mining and trading technologies work for our clients.
The company obtains sufficient hardware mining capabilities and a team of professional programmers, which makes it possible to achieve great results in cryptomining and bring stable high profit.
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